Lilly Creek Townhomes & Condominiums
It is with great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ryan Tomich of Victory Services. Ryan / Victory Services accepted our request to provide snow removal and salt services in February of this year when we had to switch services from another contractor. Ryan provided immediate quotations and once approved, provided equally good services through the remainder of the winter. We felt comfortable enough with Ryan to quote and accept his services for 2 years for the summer lawn mowing services and related tasks for the 14 (and counting) properties on Northfield Dr/Circle. We are currently working together to confirm pricing/services for this winter as well. I have received only positive feedback with his work in both winter and summer related tasks from the owners. Our properties have never looked more maintained and taken care in both seasons of work to date. His attention to detail and concern to do the job correctly is top notch. He understands the business well and truly makes customer satisfaction his top priority. I recommend Ryan Tomich without any reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Silverado Oak Village
I wanted to share that we have had the opportunity to work with Ryan and the team from Victory Outdoor Services for both our lawn maintenance program and our snow removal. Ryan has displayed the highest level of professionalism and his pricing is very fair and quite competitive. His associates also come into our community and interact with memory impaired residents and are very kind and caring to them. From a snow standpoint, I have never worked with another provider that has been as reliable as Ryan. Our driveway, parking lot and sidewalks are complete before my first shift associates come in (6 a.m.) and I have never had to call him to follow up on snow removal – it is done with meticulous care and attention. He also comes back a bit later in the day to shovel the interior courtyards and back patio area and always offers a smile to our residents. Our lawn is also well maintained and edged. His team is always polite and courteous to guests and passerby’s and lets them pass, or will stop blowing as someone walks by. Good old fashioned courtesy – I truly appreciate that. I would highly recommend Victory Outdoor Services for your outside lawn and snow removal needs. Ryan has been an excellent partner and I am confident he would be an excellent one for you as well.
Falls Baptist Church and Ministries
I have worked with Victory Outdoor Services last winter. They have always been there to make sure our surfaces have been clean and ready for each service and for each school day. They understand our specific needs and do what they can to make sure things happen as they should so I rarely have to think about snow removal. I look forward to working with them again this winter.